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At TEDxYouth@Manchester we have been met by overwhelmingly positive responses from TEDsters in Manchester and Cheshire. To deliver the highest quality event possible we must rely in part on the benevolent support of our partners, who provide monetary sponsorship and in-kind support, and with whom we strive to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

2016 Partners

The 2016 Identity event has been kindly supported by the following partners.
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2015 Partners

The 2015 Perspective event has been kindly supported by Sugarman Education.


Today’s educational landscape requires talented individuals to shape the success of classroom education in the UK, inspiring the leaders of tomorrow and the future generations of the UK workforce. Pressure to improve efficiencies inline with budget constraints, whilst seeking to improve teaching is placing a heavy burden on resource. Undertaking these challenges means ensuring skilled professionals are placed in keypositions. Resource planning for both immediate and future needs is becoming moreimperative as the war for talent in the classroom continues.
For over 18 years Sugarman Education have beenplacing thousands of candidates within the education sector.