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TEDxyouth@manchester was held on Wednesday 16th November 2016 at The Fallibroome Academy and explored the theme of identity.

The 8th TEDxyouth@manchester conference was one of our best yet. We had amazing speakers (including a Geneticist, a Singer/Songwriter, an Evolutionary Biologist, a Blogger / Academic and an Extreme Athlete), stunning performances and a selection of talks from the inspirational TED archive.


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Kat Arney: Taking a Look Inside Your Genes

Scientist, writer and broadcaster Kat Arney explores our biological make up in this witty and informative look at the language of our genes revealing their often surprisingly random and ‘wobbly’ behaviour.

Nicola Osborne: What Do Your Digital Footprints Say About You?

Digital education and social media expert Nicola Osborne encourages us to tread carefully on social media and consider what our digital footprint might reveal about us.

Ben Smith: Happiness

Marathon runner and charity fundraiser Ben Smith reveals how he overcame the effects of bullying and found both happiness and his identity through extreme physical endeavour and by undertaking the 401 Challenge.

Ben Garrod: The Power of One

Primate expert and BBC science presenter Ben Garrod draws parallels between the animal kingdom and human behaviour to highlight the power of the individual to truly create change in society.

Imogen Walsh: Is Gender Fluid?

Imogen challenges us to think beyond the gender binary and instead choose new expressions from our evolving language to reflect and embrace gender fluidity.

Sam Amey, Nicola Smith and Ellena Wilson: Fast Forward to the Future

Sam, Nicola and Ellena reflect on their experiences at the London International Youth Science Forum and consider how the discoveries of the past continue to inspire the work of future generations.

Cassia: Live Set

Manchester based band Cassia perform a storming set of their unique Tropical Rock sound that leaves the audience wanting more.

Tammas Slater and Ignacio Mana Mesas: My Desert Places

Tammas and Ignacio explore the complexities of musical composition in this entertaining and humorous talk and perform an original work, ‘My Desert Places’.

Maddie Travers and Nina Holland-Jones: Lessons from Auschwitz

Maddie and Nina reflect on the loss of individual identity during times of genocide and population displacement and ask us to change our way of remembering in order to apply lessons from the past to the present.

Sophie Baxter: Are We Enough?

Following the recent shooting in America, Sophie makes a plea for tolerance and support in the face of discrimination and asks for greater acceptance of the LGBT community from the whole of society.


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