2015: Perspective

2015: Perspective

Fallibroome was proud to host its 7th TEDxYouth@Manchester conference on Wednesday 4th November, 9.00am-12.30pm.

The conference theme was ‘Perspective’ and we welcomed 5 remarkable guest speakers who will share their perspective on Leadership, Feminist Economics, Identity, Climate Change and the Importance of Resilience.

Fallibroome and Winsford Academy Students also shared their perspectives on South Africa, the London International Youth Science Forum and the Millennium Goals and the conference included stunning performances from Fallibroome and Chetham’s School of Music students.

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Alastair Campbell: The Worst Things That Happen Can Often Be The Best

Alastair Campbell is a writer, communicator and strategist best known for his role as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman, press secretary and director of communications and strategy. He has written eleven books and most recently ‘Winners and How They Succeed’, a best-selling analysis of what it takes to win in politics, business and sport. In recent years he has become increasingly involved with mental health charities and causes and in 2009 he received the Mind Champion of the Year award in recognition of his work to break down the stigma around mental illness.

Katrine Marçal: How Economics Forgot About Women

Katrine Marçal is the author of’ Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner?’ a book which discusses the politics and economics of how dinner arrives on your plate. She writes a weekly column on politics and economics for Aftombladet, Scandinavia’s largest daily newspaper. She lives in London.

Alice Bows-Larkin: Paris and Perspectives on Climate Change

Alice is a Professor of Climate Science and Energy Policy and Director of Tyndall Manchester, as part of the internationally renowned, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Her work on international transport, energy systems and carbon budgets has had a significant impact on topical debates and policy development, including shaping the UK’s Climate Change Act and the inclusion of aviation within the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme.

Matt Dickinson: Ugg, Sugg, Tugg and Gary… The Ways That Stone Age Man Can Teach Us To Win

As a student of Archaeology at Durham University film maker Matt Dickinson spent many months roaming the wild corners of Africa and Europe searching for evidence of our Stone Age ancestors. He also has an interest in extreme mountaineering and has filmed extensively (including on the summit of Everest) for National Geographic TV, The Discovery Channel and the BBC. Recently Matt has been writing fiction for a new generation of adventurous readers; his award winning books ‘Mortal Chaos’ and ‘The Everest Files’ have been enthusiastically received by reviewers and readers alike.

Sophie Coulombeau: Facebook. A Universal Tattoo?

Dr. Sophie Coulombeau is a lecturer in English Literature at Cardiff University, where she works on personal naming and identity in the late eighteenth century and Romantic period. She is also a novelist, and published her first novel Rites (winner of the Arts Council England Next Great Novelist Award) in 2012. She was a BBC/AHRC New Generation Thinker 2014-2015, and has produced films, radio and journalism for the BBC, the Guardian and the Independent.

The Buffalo Brothers: Performance

Newly born of Manchester’s creative melting pot, Buffalo Brothers have earned a reputation in their local stomping grounds for energetically executing explosive live sets of breathtakingly raw funk creations. On a tireless mission to reach the ears and the souls of the global groove herd, the band have written and recorded their blistering debut album ‘Fresh From The Horn’. Buffalo Brothers are stamping their hooves and finding their stride, and a funk stampede is fast approaching.

Georgia Parkes-Russell: Securing the Mental Health of Adolescents

Georgia Parkes-Russell makes an appeal for a global approach to adolescent mental health.

Georgia is a student at The Winsford Academy.

Jodie Buckland: 2nd Movement of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto

Jodie Buckland, accompanied by Phil Kennedy, performs the 2nd Movement of the Trumpet Concerto by Haydn.

Jodie is studying at The Fallibroome Academy and attending the Junior Royal Northern College of Music.

Rory Walker: A Perspective on the Post Millennium Goals

Rory Walker describes how the global community is working hard to meet the needs of the world’s poorest people.

Rory is a student at The Fallibroome Academy.

James Chasty, Sam Thomas, Ellie Payne & Ellie Delight: LIYSEF – Universal Endeavour

Often it is when people come together that a new perspective can be generated and new solutions found to age old problems. James, Sam, Ellie and Ellie talk about their experience this summer at the London International Youth Science Forum.

Charlotte Hammer, Naomi Kershaw, Corinne Salt & Charlotte White: Our Cross Continental Partnership – Refocusing the Lens

For the past ten years, Fallibroome Academy has enjoyed a partnership with two schools in South Africa. Charlotte, Naomi, Corinne and Charlotte reflect on their recent visit to our partner schools providing a ‘global snapshot’ of their experience.

Vladimir Anisimov & Martyn Parkes: Pequeña Czarda by Pedro Iturralde

Unfortunately due to music rights reasons, this video is not available on Youtube.

Eliza Beresford & Ben Beer: Toxic by Britney Spears

Unfortunately due to music rights reasons this video is not available on Youtube.