2010: Creating Your Future


2010: Creating the Future



Jonathan MacDonald – If Mandela Had Tweeted

Jonathan MacDonald is co-founder of This Fluid World and a marketing strategist. His talk questions if the availability of mobile technology would have made a difference to people who changed the world and asks if what’s in your heart matters more than what’s in your hand.

Julian Treasure – Sound Health

Julian Treasure is the chairman of The Sound Agency and expert in how sound affects us. His talk presents key advice on how to ensure aural health in a very noisy world.

Zahaan Bharmal – Making Space For Everyone

Zahaan Bharmal is Google’s Head of Marketing Operations for Europe, Middle East and Africa and Space Adventures Advisor. His talk illustrates how his passion for physics feeds his fascination with space exploration and recommends all students extend their study of this key scientific discipline.

Volker Hirsch – The Dangling Carrot

Volker Hirsch is the co-founder of Blue Beck and is at the forefront of media and gaming technology. His talk explores how ‘games’ can make life better.

Claire Young – The Light Bulb Moment

Claire Young is an entrepreneur who won through to the final of the BBC reality show The Apprentice. Her talk illustrates the key qualities required to succeed in business and in life.