2009: A Place in the World

2009 Title

2009: A Place in the World



Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel Jal is a hip hop musician, a war child from Sudan and a charity campaigner, his talk is entitled “What Would I Be Without Emma?”

Eamonn O’Neal

Eamonn O’Neal is the managing editor of MEN Media, a TV presenter and producer, a documentary filmmaker and a BBC radio talk show host, his talk is entitled “There’s Always a Parking Space”

Ian Morison

Professor Ian Morison is Gresham professor of astronomy, author, founder of Macclesfield Astronomy Society and a TV and radio astronomy expert, his talk is entitled “Our Place in the Universe”

Sissy Roone

Sissy Rooney is an award winning fashion designer, ethical entrepreneur and a Woman of Courage finalist, her talk is entitled “An Entrepreneur’s Story”

Jian Ren

Violin Performance by Jian Ren, accompanied on piano by Brenda Blewett.